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Military Police
A month after he’d returned to Bosnia after R&R, he received a package from his wife with cookies wrapped in sliced bread (to keep them fresh) and some cassette tapes, along with a sealed baggie containing her positive pregnancy test, a pair of baby booties, and the book “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” He was now expecting his first child!

Gunnery Sgt
Supply and Distribution
Camp Courtney, Japan
This GySgt received a drawing from his daughter of a banana split on a map- it was split between two countries. There were scoops of bananas and vanilla ice cream, a bit of chocolate ice cream with a swirl of whipped cream and peanuts on top, all sitting on the Japanese part of the map. The rest of the sundae sat on top of the US – the remaining part of the chocolate ice cream scoop, the whole strawberry scoop, with the hot fudge and pineapple toppings oozing down, the whipped cream, the cherries and peanuts, were all sitting atop the continental US. A split banana split.

BACN Liaison Officer
Al Udeid Air Base, Qatar
Air Force
“When our son was born I sent him a hospital blanket our son was swaddled in, a hat he wore in the hospital, a hospital bracelet, Reese’s peanut butter cups, a letter, a picture book of our son’s first few days, and a pack of gum that looked like cigars. I decorated the box in blue construction paper and wrote ‘It’s a boy!’ on the box flaps.”

“My Mom’s not really a cook, so my packages from home were mostly things I needed and couldn’t easily get ahold of – toiletries and boxes of snacks and cereals -I loved getting cereal. It reminded me of getting ready for school as a kid. Anyway, this one guy in our unit- he got the best cake I ever had and he always shared it with us. His Mom baked different kinds of cake and wrapped the cakes in slices of Wonder Bread, tied real tight with ribbons. When it arrived, the bread had gone moldy, but it kept the cakes fresh and moist. Every 3-4 weeks she’d send a different kind of cake. I liked her gingerbread cake best. Smelled like holidays and rum eggnog.”

Crew Chief
VT Air Nat’l Guard
His cousin, also a Vermont veteran, sent him this package when he was stationed in Kuwait, 3 Tupperware sandwich containers – one filled with cookies, one filled with fudge, and one filled with American soil from Vermont.

“My wedding proposal arrived in a care package at Valentine’s Day:
It was several heart-shaped playing cards – the Queen of Hearts, Jack of Diamonds, and full house hand. He sent in a box of chocolates with the note: Will you, my Queen of Hearts, marry me, the Jack of Diamonds, and make my home a full house?”

Operation Earnest Will
USS Missouri, North Arabian Sea
“My all time favorite care package came from my brother. The ship store had run out of Copenhagen and all other smokeless tobacco products. Us dip addicts were reduced to pulling cigarettes apart and trying to flavor the tobacco with a sundry of available compounds. without success. My brother first mailed me a sleeve of Copenhagen just wrapped in paper, which did not make it thought the delivery chain. Way too obvious what it was and some mail clerk liberated it. Being the compassionate and persistent big brother that he was, he camouflaged the next shipment in a box full of paperback books, which arrived in tact.”

Spec 4
Radio Operator
Augsburg, West Germany
“As my first Christmas in Germany approached, I was warned that “new guys” always worked the midnight hours on holidays. Staying awake meant drinking coffee. So I wrote home asking for an immediate supply of Instant Coffee. Received four cans of fancy, General Foods, International Coffees just in time for Christmas! Shared with my shift, of course. Also in the box were cassette tapes of my home town radio station, WALM, Marshall, MI, with news of local people and local businesses. And a Marshall newspaper, too. Best item was a paperback Webster’s Dictionary, along with a note reminding me to finish college after the Army. I still have the dictionary! And it is within arm’s reach as I write this. ”

Seattle, Washington
Coast Guard
In a gorgeously-decorated box of expensive truffles, her family replaced one of the truffles with a smooth, caramel-colored stone from the family farm in Missouri for her to carry around in her pocket.