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To book a Care Package Story Project presentation, or to host the Care Package Story Project exhibit, please contact me directly at: .

I offer presentations and workshops on the Care Package Story Project. These are offered together with the exhibit or separately. Each of my presentations is tailored for the audience in attendance, however, each presentation incorporates images of care packages in the exhibit, stories-behind the-stories, anecdotes and stories not in the exhibit, as well as tidbits of history and information of particular interest to the specific audience. Topics may include military care package stories, cuisine & culture, connections between art-food-culture, history, or a look at the exhibit from the angle of cultural diplomacy or cultural anthropology.
Sample presentation titles include :

  • Inside the Care Package Story Project: its origin, its future; lessons it offers, questions it poses
  • A Glimpse into Military Care Packages: what they show us about American culture, military culture, and ourselves
  • Unpacking Military Care Packages: messages of love, longing, and humor spoken through food
  • Cultural Diplomacy in Care Packages: food is a language; cuisine is a dialect 
  • A view of military care packages through history

If you would like to book a presentation, please contact me directly at
Please allow 24-48 hours, as I may be on the road and unable to respond sooner.

I do not sell, trade or share your contact information.